Evangelistic Meetings: Pastor Sales and his evangelism team go out to any place ... islands, mountain villages, jails, and school campuses. The evangelism Team regularly holds evangelistic meetings. This is the most effective way of forming new congregations. Thousands of people have heard the gospel and been saved through these outreaches. During the meetings, Pastor Sales challenges people to accept Christ as their personal Saviour by raising their hands and coming forward for prayer. After that, the evangelistic team members minister to everyone and give them a gospel tract to read, and then invite them to a home Bible study. After 10 consecutive meetings, they are given a free Bible. Gospel Boat: Crusader's for Christ gospel boat which God provided to this outreach Pastor Sales to carry his team to thousand of islanders. Some small islands don't have a single blade of grass, but are completely filled with houses. Leadership Training / Conferences: Pastor Danden Sales hosts a yearly leadership conference every April in Bais City, as well as conducting other leadership conferences and training seminars throughout the Philippine Islands throughout the year. Literature Distribution: Faith Island Mission is working with Bible Literature International and Cook Communications Ministries International by providing literature to help those people who cannot afford to buy a Bible or New Testament. Their partnership has been a bridge of blessing to thousands of people in the Philippines. Also, area pastors receive literature supplies from Faith Island Mission to help their people who do not yet have a Bible. Faith Island Mission is involved in Church Construction: ongoing church construction. With $ 2500. U.S. Faith Island Mission can put up a concrete church building in the Philippines. Bible School: Faith Island Mission's Bible school is involved in ongoing training of people called into ministry. There is a great need for food and other supplies for the students, as most of them depend solely on their parent's blessings. It costs about $30. U.S. to sponsor a student for a month.

Monday, May 14, 2007

2007 Mission Convention & Other Events

Former Graduates of Living Waters Bible School who now Pastor Churches of FIM

This Year's "Special Certificant" Graduates

Worship in High Gear at the 2007 Youth Camp

Pastor Danden always ready to give an inspiring Word

Many recieve Christ at a Mountain Crusade

Pastor Danden helps Marry one our young Pastoras